Current employment

Head of System administration at PARSEK d.o.o.

Training seminars and certification programs


As computers and information technology have been taking a major role in my life ever since I was little, I have also built my professional career around them.

• 15+ years of experience in Linux system administration
• 7+ years of experience with large-scale clusters (300+ servers)
• Advanced research, problem-solving and improvisational skills
• Precise and have a thing for details
• Able to quickly adapt and learn in different environments
• Good documentation or report writing and presentation skills
• Interpersonal, mediation and conflict resolution skills
• Experience with video processing workflows and internet video delivery
• Web servers (Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx)
• Load balancers (Haproxy)
• HTTP accelerators (Varnish, Squid)
• Databases (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Percona)
• Application servers (Wildfly, Tomcat, Jetty, Resin, FuseESB)
• Internet firewalls using open source components
• Large network server management
• IPv6 implementation and deployment
• Revision control systems (git, svn)
• Firm knowledge of Microsoft Windows based environments

Specialties: Profound insight into almost any kind open-source software that runs on UNIX platform. Web applications architecture planning and optimization.

Employment History

  • Senior engineer at Najdi, informacijske storitve, d.o.o.
  • Senior engineer, system administrator at Planet 9, d.o.o (TELEKOM Slovenije d.d. / MOBITEL d.d.)
  • Production system administrator at Najdi.si d.o.o.
  • Production system administrator at Interseek d.o.o.


  • Univerza v Mariboru
  • OŠ Biba Röck, Šoštanj